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Simple instalation

Easy installation with e-book pdf guide. See what is simple to use Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Mod Menu

The new features

In the new version you will find esp, aimbot, unlock all weapons. Has also been updated algorithm program and it works with the latest patches for the game

Safe and fast mirror

We provide fast mirror because we know that depend on time. We use of popular and zippyshare, megaupload

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Mod Menu - 6 ways to effectively play

Application available on different platforms PC, Xbox, PS4

What does it mean Black Ops 2 Mod Menu?

BO2 Mod Menu is an addition to the game Call of Duty by which we can change the current menu with new options, the new menu appears both as online as offline. Finally it is ready, and you can use it on our website.

What exactly additions we gain by uploading this mod ?

Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Mod Menu Logo Site

Allow me to, write all additives one after the other :)

  • Aimbot - so activation F5 if you've not used this option, I'll tell you its meaning using aimbot you will be able shoot any opponent from any place on the map cool right? :)
  • Wallhack - so activation F6 I'll tell you briefly about this option activating it you will see your enemies through walls. One of the most interesting options be sure to test it
  • Weapons menu - so activation F7 click in the right place and select from the drop-down list that you want to unlock weapons
  • Host Activator - so activation F8 be always hosted the first game and manage your team
  • Unlock all achievements - activation F9 unlocking achievements you will gain access to a completely new weapons and maps in multiplayer mode. Definitely useful option for beginners check it
  • Ghost Mode - When activated during the game, your opponents can not see you, but now you see them Beautiful right?

See the addition mod menu in action on Operation Desert Map


Are we installing on our account steam it is safe ?

Black Ops 2 Mod Menu install on your computer or device in the appropriate folder which just I give you below. However, we also recommend you create a new account on steam and plugging it into the game as they say, forewarned is forearmed.

In PlayStation Network take note of the how to install. I recommend you rip mod to your computer and transfer to a USB device.

In Xbox network be sure to turn off the device in offline mode is very important

How to play safely?

Some tips from me never turn all options at once, check that you have correctly installed the Bo2 Mod Menu but program would otherwise the manufacturer can detect modification and it can end very unpleasantly. Do not boast about your colleagues that you have modified the menu on your device with these tips you can obtain really good results.

Step by step installation

  • PC guide

The first step to save disk space Mod Menu for Black Ops 2, then transfer it to the destination folder C: // Cod / Black Ops 2 / content / menu because of to the variety of installation, your folder seems like normal finally turn on the game and enjoy with your mod menu :)

  • Also Xbox install guide is very simple

Due to the lock system add-ons to the game from unknown sources you must first upload addition on your usb same as installation pc then so it to application folder and select the same Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Mod Menu

  • PS3 & PS4 installation is another

The Opposite the installation process runs in the PS3 and PS4, you can enter the generated link in your browser and install directly

Conclusion where you take Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Mod Menu ?

Always the current version can be found on our website but beware of fakes because they do not work